Historic House Tour

The Charlestown Historic House Tour is one of the most recognizable events in Charlestown. The tour, held every other year since the early 1970s, features houses that represent the full range of Charlestown’s architectural styles as well as some of its best-loved public spaces. As you travel through Charlestown by foot or by tour bus, partakers can leisurely wander through some of Charlestown’s most well preserved, rehabilitated and remodeled homes.  You will also stroll by famous locations from the settling of Massachusetts Bay Colony by John Winthrop in 1629 to the Bunker Hill Monument and parts of the famous Freedom Trail.

The past few tours we have attracted over 500 visitors including many lifelong residents, newcomers, and guests from all over New England who love the history and beauty of Charlestown.

The House Tour proceeds help fund our strategic initiatives to preserve Charlestown’s architectural heritage and quality of life. 

The 2016 House Tour Exceed all of our Expectations

We were fortunate to be handed a gorgeous crisp and sunny fall day. Charlestown came alive hosting close to 600 tour participants. 7 amazing homes were offered and showcased by members of our community.  We exceeded our 2014 participation by over 15% and our margin by 20%.  This outcome was amazing given that in 2014 we had increased margin by over 40% over 2012.  This means we have more money to contribute to our key causes. We want to thank everyone who helped especially our Official and Gold Sponsors, Hammond Realty and Coldwell Residential Brokerage and the many Charlestown residents and visitors who spent the day with us.

The 2018 CPS Historic House Tour is coming September, 2018.

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