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In 2013, as we continue working with the Friends of the Training Field, the CPS received a grant from the City of Boston for a Cultural Resources Plan for the Charlestown Training Fieldour beloved “outdoor living room” which dates from the 1640′s. Issued in February 2014, the Plan studied the dismal soil and drainage, tree health, circulation, and universal access conditions, as well as the granite and fencing elements. This included the first archaeological dig with many Charlestown volunteers and revealed many artifacts and some areas of sensitivity. A dynamic group of consultants prepared a thorough document with recommended treatments including soil remediation, installation of an irrigation system, expanded drainage, and curbing to foster healthy lawn and trees without soil runoff. In June 2014, City Council approved the Mayor’s $629,330  over two years to accomplish the recommendations, starting in the summer of 2015.

The CPS is also working with the Abraham Lincoln Post 11 as they develop capital plans for the renovation of the 1791 Samuel Dexter House, now known as Memorial Hall.

In 2012, the CPS published the informative booklet Charlestown History and Architecture, a handbook and resource for Charlestown homeowners, residents and visitors.

In 2010, we led a project to install interpretive signage in the Charlestown Training Field.

In 2008, we sponsored the professional conservation of the historic Soldiers and Sailors Monument, a classic Civil War commemorative statue in the Training Field.

In 2006, the CPS renovated Preservation Park at the Thompson Triangle.


CPS historic markers are a unique way to recognize your historic house and share its history. The bronze markers include the date your house was built and – if records allow – information such as the name of the builder or original owner.

To receive a marker your house must meet CPS eligibility requirements and you must provide documentation on your house’s age from historic records.

Because the CPS is a volunteer-driven organization, the Historic Marker program takes place periodically, as resources allow. The most recent round of 2013-14 installed 32 markers.

If you are interested in researching your house in anticipation of the next round, please contact us to let us know about your plans and your research progress. We may be able to help. Since markers have to be forged in batches of at least 20, the more people who show interest in a given year, the more likelihood that the CPS can move forward with a new round, so reaching out is always advised.

 See the new Questions and Answers on Historic Markers and How to Research Your Historic House on the Publications Page


CPS expects to announce 2015 May Preservation Month activities soon.




CPS offers talks, workshops, and walking tours of Charlestown that focus on our 350 years of history and architecture.

Our walking tours take you through Charlestown’s history and house styles. Informal talks and workshops cover everything from researching your old house to energy efficiency in older houses.


FOR EXAMPLE, 2014 tours included the following:

Lunch-Time Walking Tour of Charlestown Archaeology

 From Bunker Hill Monument through the Big Dig to City Square

Joe Bagley, Boston City Archaeologist will begin the tour on the Steps of the Lodge Located at the base of the Bunker Hill Monument. The event will end at City Square and cover over 3,000 years of Charlestown history.  Highlights include the shape of fortifications on Breeds Hill, the leading business women of the 18th century, and Native American sites. The Walking Tour will be held rain or shine. The tour is free and open to the public.

The Archaeology of Charlestown’s Evolving Shoreline

Learn about the shoreline of Charlestown using environmental reconstruction, historic records, and archaeological surveys. The talk will explain how and why the Shoreline has changed. City Archaeologist Joe Bagley will discuss the Native and later Colonial uses of the coast from campsites to the piers of the Charlestown Navy Yard. The talk is free and open to the public. To be held in the Education Room on the lower level of the Bunker Hill Museum.


 The Charlestown Historical Society

 The Charlestown Preservation Society |


The CPS Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 25th.  It is a chance to meet preservation-minded neighbors, review accomplishments and elect officers and board. The event will take place at the wonderful Stove Factory Building on Medford Street here in Charlestown.



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