Charlestown History and Architecture: A Guide for Homeowners, Residents and Visitors is a guide to Charlestown history and architecture, plus a useful resource for homeowners.



Charlestown Homeowners Handbook

Every new CPS member receives a complimentary copy of Charlestown History and Architecture: A Guide for Homeowners, Residents and Visitors as a membership benefit of membership.

You can find more copies (it’s a great gift) at Ace Hardware for a suggested donation of $15.


Preservation and Development in Charlestown:  A Practical Guide

This downloadable guide will help you navigate the often-confusing process of preservation and development in Charlestown.

The guide covers types of preservation protection in Charlestown, requirements you must meet to develop or renovate property here, and how to apply for a building permit.

It offers preservation and development advice, suggestions for building and renovating in Charlestown, and steps to take if you’re concerned about an ongoing development or renovation project.

Download the Preservation and Development Guide


All About the Phipps Street Burying Ground

The Phipps Street Burying Ground is one of the oldest cemeteries in Boston, dating back to the 1630′s just after the town was settled.

It sits on a little hill at the corner of Phipps and Lawrence Streets and features 300 years of exceptionally fine funerary art and iconography.

The Burying Ground is usually closed, but it opens once a year in May for a cleanup and self-guided tour sponsored by the CPS. The CPS downloadable tour will help you enjoy and appreciate this fascinating place.

Download the Self-Guided Phipps Street Burying Ground Tour


All About Researching Your Old House in Charlestown

The important step in learning about your house is finding out when it was built. If you are one of the lucky ones, the preliminary research has been done and is waiting for you in the Historical Reference section at the Charlestown Branch Library.

Download the CPS Guide to Researching Your Old House


Questions and Answers About Historic Markers

CPS Historic Marker Questions and Answers

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The CPS Self-Guided Walking Tour of Charlestown
Charlestown History and Architecture