Charlestown Preservation Society Mission and Activities

The Charlestown Preservation Society (CPS) was founded in 1967 to stop the destruction of the town’s most historic buildings when Boston urban renewal planning gave little thought to heritage, community and posterity. These efforts saved the post-Revolutionary houses of Thompson Triangle, beginning a new era of civic pride and commitment to preserving Charlestown’s unique architectural heritage. CPS remains committed to preservation, as well as extending our mission beyond architectural preservation to enhancing the lives and opportunities of Charlestown residents and the visitors who come to Charlestown.

Today, our mission is to preserve Charlestown’s historic character by protecting our historic architecture and landscape, advocating for preservation, guiding responsible development and educating people about the unique character of our community. We focus our annual planning and budgeting process around supporting these four goals.

Advocate: A new Charlestown building boom is underway, with developments proposed throughout town. The most significant include the Sullivan Square/Rutherford Avenue corridor and One Charlestown which is intended to tear down and replacement the Bunker Hill Housing Project. CPS has attended all public meetings, submitted comments to appropriate organizations and published letters and position papers in the local newspaper and on our website.

Protect: Two years ago CPS launched a new Task Force entitled Protect Historic Charlestown (PHC). The mission of the Task Force is to help protect the historic character and the architecture of Charlestown in partnership with the City of Boston. The team’s key goals are initially to focus on modification of zoning laws and review processes to create a more supportive environment for preserving and protecting historic properties. Our first project, entitled “Know our Town,” is documenting the inventory of our historic streets and properties. We are now developing a database to include detailed historic information and photographs.

Guide: The Design Review Committee (DRC) was established over ten years ago to work with the BRA (now BPDA) to review requests for commercial and residential requests for property changes in Charlestown. The DRC is a strategic committee within CPS and is admired widely in Boston and Charlestown for its keen efforts to preserve and protect our historic community and its architecture. The Committee is led by William Lamb a well known Preservation Architect who has contributed his talents for over 40 years to the Charlestown Community

Educate: CPS is committed to increasing the awareness of the historic nature of Charlestown as one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston. Our strategy includes a biennial Historic House tour attended by over 500, lectures on historic sites and figures, an active website, as well as regular communication with our members through mailings, Facebook and Twitter. We also publish articles in the community newspapers particularly on advocacy topics.

Charlestown Preservation Society Board

Ellen Kitzis President    
David Hennessey Vice President    
John Lee Treasurer    
Richie Banerji Secretary    
Jeff Abramson Member, Design Review Committee    
  Member, Charlestown Neighborhood    
Laura Dzinory Council    
Joseph Foresi Member    
Elizabeth Gittings Member    
Lindsey Mac-Jones Member    
Pippa Nava Member    
Chris Remmes Member    
Heather Taylor Former President    
Amanda Zettel Marker and Special Events Program    
William Lamb Chair, Design Review Committee    
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